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30" help
  Zografa, Aug 26 2009

Ok guys i have to decide which one to buy.

The main difference is that the HP has S-IPS Panel type and the Samsung has S-PVA. All other things except the year of the model are the same(HP is 2006 and Samsung is 2008(thats for the 305T+).

HP LP3065

Samsung 305T+ (plus)

Both of them cost nearly the same so price dosnt really matter. Please give me some competent opinions and share expirience.

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  Zografa, Mar 01 2009

Just want to make a statement.

After i spewed like 10k on stupid shots on limits i dont have the skill for yet and lost like 2 months into splitting my bankroll over like every poker room on the net, i just want to make a promise that ill make 50k hands 6max 2/4 ONLY on prima or ipoker and another 30k hands on 1/2 HU again only on those 2 networks.

Fuck pacific, fuck betfair and fuck every other crappy software that makes my 15 processor, 12589023589 gbs of ram pc freeze and it needs 73 different programs just to have the vpip on the suckers. Fuck you betfair regulars too. I mean seriously - 2/5 game there is the most retarded mid stakes game ever where 5 nits are waiting for a half stacked sportsbook fish to sit in and make a double. AND STILL THEY ARE THE WORSE POSSIBLE regulars i ever played.

Thats it im on tilt!!

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  Zografa, May 24 2008

I cant stop myself from doing this:

This is by far my biggest winning day in poker($ won)!

Big Thnx to my coach!
p.s i even misspelled the name of my post

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